The College Of Canaries

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It seems like any sufficiently large organization of humans eventually dissolves into groupspeak. This is why I try to remain outside of sufficiently large organizations of humans. I'll take my ideas ala-carte, thank you.


Welcome, folks, please take a seat
here they are, the people you've come to meet
the college of canaries
check 'em out, aren't they a prize
don't need to think
you just need to memorize
the college of canaries

remember every line
remember every note
don't think about what you're saying
just parrot us by rote

your struggle's done, you're joining the choir
have confidence, what we want is your desire
the college of canaries
when we're all one, no one can resist
just go along, and don't end up on our list
the college of canaries

remember every tune
remember every word
forget the man you used to be
you were so absurd

repeat after me...

remember all the wins
forget about the losses
remember what we'll do to you
if you ever cross us

welcome, all, come on inside
you are in, for such an amazing ride
the college of canaries
the college of canaries


from "Oh, God, make him stop​!​!​!​", released September 23, 2013



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RC Dayton, Ohio

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