Stink Eye

by RC

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Most of these songs date from 50/90 2011. The Beatle-named songs are from my never-finished (yet) Let It Be project in November 2011. The rest are things I liked, but which didn't fit anywhere else.

Whatever. It's just a bunch of songs.


released March 30, 2012

All crude gutteral and thumping sounds by RC.



all rights reserved


RC Dayton, Ohio

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Track Name: Running Out Of Time
I had a moment, the moment is gone.
It's spent, whatever did I spend it on?
It's all gone before you know it,
and you'll never ever know it.

But I just need a minute more,
just a minute more to catch my breath,
to cheat my death,
to handle all my obligations
but I'm running out of time.

Life's too short, it's shooting right by,
and all your worries get amplified.
And they'll sink you like a stone,
when you think you're on your own...
Track Name: Bitter No More
It's getting so hard to maintain my attitude
it takes an awful lot of work
every outrage more outrageous than the last
I'm tired of acting like a jerk

And I'm so tired of being angry
when there's so much worth living for
that's what I'm trying to remember
so I won't be bitter no more
so I won't be bitter no more

I's so much effort finding things to make me mad
no wonder I feel so worn out
you push my buttons, so I have to push yours back
that can't be what it's all about


The time has come
to put my anger down
to take a breath and look around
Track Name: Anything You Want
Everybody knows what you should do
everyone tells you what's going on
every decision that you make is bad
everybody wants to be your Mom

Anything you want, is probably wrong these days
anything you want, will piss soneone off
anything you want, might get you put away
cuz anything you want
is probably wrong

You don't have all the information
everybody knows better than you
you lack intellectual curiosity
they always know what's best for you

Track Name: Cardboard Box
Everything's a game
if you want to play
everything is up for grabs
so I take yours away
the winner is the one
who winds up with the most
and if you can back it up
it's really not a boast

But there's always a downside
when you're losing at the stocks
one fine day you'll wake up
with everything you own
in a cardboard box

Everything's a test
and I can't fight the urge
to fire up the battle call
and feel that power surge
but once I flip that switch
it's hard to shut it down
until someone capitulates
and someone else is crowned

But if you're at it long enough
you'll end up on the rocks
you're sneaking out the back door
with everything you own
in a cardboard box

Sometimes that sound you're hearing
is not opportunity's knock
it's just an invitation
to wind up with every single thing you own
in a cardboard box
Track Name: Orange Beach
I can't feel it anymore
but I remember how it felt
and I see through the fog
as the colors all melt
but anything was possible
and we were in command
the waves rolled around us
as we made a stand

And it all seemed within reach
as we walked down Orange Beach
I thought these things would happen every day
now everything we planned
is gone like footprints in the sand
and Alabama seems so far away, so far away

What felt like strong commitments
washed away beneath our feet
what worked at the ocean
failed on the street
at the edge of nowhere
things get simplified
that can't last forever
God knows we tried

But it all seemed within reach
as we walked down Orange Beach
I thought these things would happen every day
now everything we planned
is gone like footprints in the sand
and Alabama seems so far away, so far away
Track Name: Only The Astronauts
Minding my own business
trying to get from A to B
the day was so uneventful
but there are no guarantees
then you appeared out of nowhere
and if that was not enough
you kicked me off of the planet
which sucks because that's where I keep my stuff

I'm orbiting you
I'm stuck in your gravity
and only the astronauts can see
what you do to me

It's a risky maneuver
just to walk down your own street
the world is full of surprises
that'll knock you off your feet
one minute I'm just standing there
the next I've been displaced
you kicked me off of the planet
and my cell phone doesn't work in outer space


One of these days you will find out
it'll sneak right up on you
next thing you know you'll be flying
and you'll learn to love it, too
oxygen is overrated, no matter what you do
they'll kick you off of the planet
but you'll find another place to keep your stuff
Track Name: God's Own Idiot Boy
I’ve no idea where the hours all went
How I got so far out of my element
But I wouldn’t let it stop me, I couldn’t let it show
Though I had no clue, I pretended to know

I was the first one to answer the call
And I said it’s all, or it’s nothing at all
But fate first builds up what it seeks to destroy
I’m God’s own idiot boy

Out of the blue opportunity knocked
And I don’t mind saying I was totally shocked
But I’m a good actor, so I was nonchalant
Saying I can give you everything that you want

And I’d be whatever you want me to be
But I couldn’t deliver, so eventually
They saw through all the tricks, that I could employ
I’m just God’s own idiot boy

But I felt, like the king, of creation
Till the day, I fell back, to my station
Now it’s all in the past
It was fun while it lasted

Admitting the errors of all of my ways
I’ll be a punch line the rest of my days
But I’ve still got leftovers in my bank accounts
And they make me feel better in larger amounts

I was the first one to answer the call
And all that it got me was kicked in the balls
But nowadays I have learned to enjoy
Being God’s own idiot boy
Track Name: Oncoming Train
Well you think that tomorrow might be better
than the crap that you're going through today
You know I really wouldn't count on that happening
there are still too many debts to be repaid

Well you might think that your troubles have ended
But there's one thing that I need to explain
that light you see at the end of the tunnel
that's the light from the oncoming train

Well each day, you're wishing for something
and each day, your wishes don't come true
there's one thing you might want to consider
the trouble all along might have been you


well you can keep right on talking and talking
one of these days you gotta get something done
talk is cheap, but you guys are awfully expensive
one of these days, we're gonna put you on the run

Track Name: Save Some Time For Me
Save some time for me
if it's possible
I know you've got demands
I can feel the pull
only just a minute
that's OK, as long as you're in it
faithfully, save some time for me

Save some time for me
if you can fit me in
I know your schedule's booked up
but it doesn't matter when
if there's a cancellation
give me an indication
I'll be free, save some time for me

I'll be there whenever time allows you
it's so hard to live
without you

Save some time for me
any time you can
don't have anything to say
just want to hold your hand
whatever time you're giving
that's when I'm truly living
that's the key, save some time for me
that's the key, save some time for me