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This odd little duck is, I suppose, a rumination on history and how people try to tease strands out of it to support whatever agenda they have or whatever worldview that they champion. Sure, it's comforting to believe that history and progress have led inevitably to here and now, but really, history's just a bunch of stuff that happened.


after scientist comes the church
after church comes the scientist
after scientist comes the law
comes the church
comes the scientist

the law makes civilization
civilization makes the science
the science kills the church
the church makes the law

the church brought civilization
civilization made the law
the law kills the science
the science kills us all

the modern world grew unplanned
overpassed, undermanned
the modern world grew like a weed
spontaneous from every seed


from "Oh, God, make him stop​!​!​!​", released September 23, 2013



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RC Dayton, Ohio

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